Professional outfitters and guides know that keeping everyone well fed is an essential part of the rafting experience. That’s why more guides rely on Engel DeepBlue rafting coolers to keep their gourmet foodstuffs fresh and frozen for trips that can last up to three weeks. Rafters usually carry at least two, maybe three coolers; one for frozen foods, and one or two for thawing and storing fresh foods. The frozen food cooler is carefully packed and opened once a day. Frozen foods for dinner are passed to the second cooler for thawing during the day – which also helps keep other contents cool. Engel offers a full line of high-performance DeepBlue coolers. Often imitated, never duplicated, Engel DeepBlue coolers are “adventure critical” gear for your next wilderness journey.

  • ENG25 Cooler

    ENG25 Cooler
    Price From: $239.99
  • ENG35 Cooler

    ENG35 Cooler
    Price From: $269.99
  • ENG50 Cooler

    ENG50 Cooler
    Price From: $329.99
  • ENG65 Cooler

    ENG65 Cooler
    Price From: $369.99
  • ENG80 Cooler

    ENG80 Cooler
    Price From: $399.99
  • ENG123 Cooler

    ENG123 Cooler
    Price From: $489.99
  • ENG165 Cooler

    ENG165 Cooler
  • Soft Sided BackPack Cooler

    Soft Sided BackPack Cooler
  • RealTree® Soft Sided BackPack Cooler

    RealTree® Soft Sided BackPack Cooler