High Performance Coolers

The ultimate and the orginal Roto Molded High Performance Coolers. 50+ years of quality construction. Rugged, durable and bear proof... nothing beats an ENGEL. Not only the first choice of professionals and EMS / Fire Rescue but also the absolute best coolers for Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Tailgating and Off Road Expeditions!

  • ENG25 Cooler

    ENG25 Cooler
    Price From: $239.99
  • ENG35 Cooler

    ENG35 Cooler
    Price From: $269.99
  • ENG50 Cooler

    ENG50 Cooler
    Price From: $329.99
  • ENG65 Cooler

    ENG65 Cooler
    Price From: $369.99
  • ENG80 Cooler

    ENG80 Cooler
    Price From: $399.99
  • ENG123 Cooler

    ENG123 Cooler
    Price From: $489.99
  • ENG165 Cooler

    ENG165 Cooler
  • ENG240 Cooler

    ENG240 Cooler
  • ENG320 Cooler

    ENG320 Cooler