Consumer Direct vs Brick and Mortar Retail


It’s no secret that how we buy products is undergoing a revolutionary change.

Sure, we still head to the mall or sporting goods store, but more often, we head to the internet to order exactly what we want, happy to wait a day or two for it to arrive.

By the same token, how we bring Engel products to market is changing as well.

While we continue to work with a select group of retailers, we also want to be able to market some of our products directly to you.

Selling our products directly to you offers you a significant benefit that may not seem obvious, at first glance. While you might think you’re getting the same product at a lower price than you would pay at the store, you’re actually getting a more expensive piece of gear – at a lower price.

You see, by designing new products and selling them directly to you, we can design in more useful features, source better materials and components, and spend more time in manufacturing to assure you of getting the very best product we can produce. 

In other words, we can increase our cost to design and manufacture a product, add a fair margin for our work, and still sell products to you at incredible prices. It’s a win-win!

So, while we’ll continue to offer some of our products at brick and mortar stores, you’ll see more and more of our products available on a direct-to-you basis.

One note of warning, any Engel products purchased online from unauthorized Amazon third-party sellers or eBay dealers will not be covered by Engel’s 10-Year Limited Warranty.