Engel starts with their proven 30 qt. Cooler/Dry Box in white or tan. This lightweight, easy to carry case is completely waterproof, dust-proof and designed to go anywhere. Inside, a Fusion marine grade MS-BT100 Bluetooth module and MS-AM702 amp are securely mounted on a custom panel, with all electronics sealed and potted. A rechargeable 12V 4000ah NiMH battery provides up to 8 hours of playtime. Plus, there are approximately 18 quarts of dry storage space left in the cooler for your lunch and beverages. The sound of the Engel BoomBox comes from top-of-the-line JL Audio MX650 speakers. These speakers are designed for optimum audio performance in an open-air environment, whether it's in camp or on a boat. The 6.5-inch woofer element of the speaker produces powerful bass notes. The built-in 1-inch tweeter puts out clean highs, especially when the volume is cranked up. Importantly, all the speaker components are designed to withstand the marine environment, from the rugged sport grille to the silk dome tweeter. The Engel BoomBox comes to life when you sync up any A2DP Bluetooth-capable Apple, Android or Windows device. You use your phone or other device to wirelessly control song selection and volume from anywhere up to 110 feet away from your Engel BoomBox. Next time you're outdoors, whether it's working around camp, skimming across the flats in your kayak, or just hanging out in the backyard, bring along your Engel BoomBox and enjoy your favorite tunes in the great outdoors. The Engel Boombox is only approved for use with Engel Ice Packs, not loose ice or liquids.  

Quality Injection Molded (PP Copolymer)
Insulated with High-Grade molded Polystyrene Foam
Airtight EVA Gasket Seal Recessed Ergonomic
Carry Handles (ABS)
Integrated Shoulder Strap (PP)
Self-Stopping Hinge (ABS)
All Fittings Secured with Stainless Steel Screws
Stain and Odor Resistant
Non-Absorbent Surface Easy to Clean
Compact and Lightweight
Three Convenient Sizes - 13 Qt, 19 Qt, 30 Qt
Available in White or Desert Tan or Grassland
1 Year Warranty
The Original

Engel Coolers… The First, The Best, Your Last.


Engel Boombox


Engel Cooler Dimensions
Exterior Dimensions : 19.5" x 12.5" x 14.5"
Interior Dimensions : 16.5" x 9.5" x 11.5"

12 Lbs
 13 Quarts
 3.25 Gallons
 12 Lbs of Ice
 18 Cans

Other Cooler/Drybox Size Options


Engel BoomBox-White

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BoomBox 30W
Engel BoomBox-White
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