No Shoes ReefsKenny Chesney’s No Shoes Nation has partnered with ENGEL Coolers, the most trusted cooler in the angler and marine life enthusiast community, to create “No Shoes Reefs.” By collaborating with the Andrew Red Harris Foundation, an organization that builds artificial reefs to ensure the long-term health and vibrancy of our local ocean, No Shoes Reefs hopes to raise awareness of the need to protect precious coral reefs which are vital for aquatic ecosystems to thrive. No Shoes Reefs is currently selling limited edition t-shirts and hats that are both comfortable and stylish, and a large portion of the proceeds will go towards reef restoration and artificial reef deployment. Our coral reefs are not just beautiful; they are necessary for the survival of thousands of marine species and they help protect our shorelines. Help us make a difference and order your t-shirt, available in men’s and women’s cuts and sizes, and/or hat today!

No Shoes Reefs Cap

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Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Nation, ENGEL Coolers, and DEEP Apparel have joined forces to create the limited edition “No Shoes Reefs” Shirt and Hat for Ocean Reef Conservation.